Sunday, 20 November 2011

CDME1001 Communication Skills in Digital Media - Week 8 (18/11/2011)

Ok so in my friday lesson we started off by presenting the web pages we created last lesson, after that we were given the task of in the groups we had be assigned for the final project to create a short 4 to 5 minute film on the subject of our choosing.

We spent most the lesson coming up with ideas, I had the idea of a man finding himself in a dark world and is chased by a mysterious creature, but we eventually settled on the idea of a Man having a strange dream.

We aren't aloud to edit the video so we must film our shots in the order they will apear in the film.

Near the end of the lesson we boked the equipment needed for next weeks lesson which is when we decided to begin working on the film and worked on a short story board of the events so we had a better idea of what exactly would happen.

Thats all for now, kind of a short one I know, well thanks for reading :).

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