Thursday, 17 November 2011

ANIM1001 Animation Origin and Function - Week 8 (16/11/2011)

Today in animation it was kind of an unprepared lecture, we thought that our tutor would be helping out with the open day activities but he was changed back to our lecture on short notice for both him and us so he didn't have anything prepared to show us.

So instead he showed us a technique for creating an animatic and set us to work drawing some small storyboards for our final animation project so that we could turn them into animatics.

Last lesson we had divided our animation into 5 sections between the group and decided on which section each person would do. Mine being part 4.

Our basic premis is to produce a looped animation of a teddy bear being assembled and then dis-assembled, my part was the removal of the head. I chose to reprisent this with some lasers and a grabby claw :3.

We managed to get our story boards scanned into a computer but only got some of them cut and prepared for the animatic.

All in all the group worked pretty well together and didn't have to many problems aside from some lack of photoshop knowledge.

Well thats all for now, thanks for reading :).

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