Sunday, 16 October 2011

ANIM1003 Drawing for Animators and Illustrators - Cathedral Week 1 Completion (15/10/2011)

I decided to complete the task sheet we were issued in the last lesson (last lesson we started drawing down at Worcester Cathedral) since I had only gotten 7 out of the 8 tasks completed I had to go back and complete them in my own time.

The below image is the result of my work.

The task itself was to find a subject matter different from the ones we had used in the previous tasks and produce a 60 minute drawing using various line weights to describe it using a range of pencils and graphite sticks.

Personally it didn't come out as well as I would have liked, don't get me wrong I'm pretty happy with the drawing itself but I think I need to practice using line weights. Then again this was a first attempt as I had previously only ever stuck to one type of pencil (usually an H or HB pencil). Well I have plenty of time to practice and learn to develop the various types of drawing we will cover so I'm not to worried for now.

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