Saturday, 15 October 2011

CDME1001 Communication Skills for Digital Media - Week 3 (14/10/2011)

Before the lesson I went to meet my new "Note Taker" in the uni reception (I'm disabled and need support in class). In today's lesson the tutor started off by asking us to consider any media we might have seen over the past week that we particularly liked. We were then told to come to look out each week for some digital media that we like and to come to class with some ideas of exactly what you liked about it and what made it appeal to you.

We then sat through a power point presentation on the history of communication only covering key milestones ranging from the earliest cave paintings 32,000B.C. through the advents of early alphabets, forms of printing, photography, the telephone and culminated computers and macs in the 1980s.

We were then given a task to do 1 hours research an invention or product of digital media using the resources available in the uni library only (we were not allowed to use computers or the internet), My group decided to research the history of Video Games which thinking back to it wasn't a good subject to go with purely due to the lack of research material available on it. We were able to find 2 books that at least somewhat matched what we were looking for and were able to get some note down from them however we didn't go over the research in depth when we returned.

Finally after we came back from researching we talked about the task from the previous lesson to create a "Learning Log" (this blog). I hadn't done this previously so got to work starting it all off (mostly just doing the template and getting it to look decent).

And that's about it for today, I'll continue making posts relevant to my studies such as more module updates and my progress on tasks and work set for me. and now I have to e-mail this to my tutor (the one for this module) so goodbye for now :).

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  1. Hi Robert, Thank you for access to your blog. Your entry for Communication Skills provides a fairly good description of your activity on Friday. In future posts, could you try to provide more evaluation of your own and, if its a team activity, your team's performance. Recording what, in your judgement, you think was good or not so good about your performance provides a basis for ongoing improvement. Think about this when you next post another log. Jane.