Thursday, 10 November 2011

ANIM1003 Drawing for Animators and Illustrators - Cathedral Week 3 Completion (24/10/2011)

Here is my work and my thoughts for Cathedral week 3.

Above are the 12 thumb nails I did of various things in the cathedral, this was for task 1.

This one was for taks 2 a continuous like sketch.

This one was my attempts at a silhouette for task 3 think I should have done some detail to help define what it was.

This was for task 4 which was to do a sketch using various tones to reprisent the lighter and darker areas of an object.

This was for task 5 another silhouette like task.

This one was another continuous like sketch, this time of a cool looking lion statue that was at the feet of another statue.

This one was for task 7 which was to sketch an image using different marks and no outlines.

This was my sketch for task 8 part of a pillar.

This was for task 9 another silhouette sketch and another window.

And here is my final sketch for this week at the cathedral, no having to go back and finish off work this week :). This is a large portion of the floor with the various tile patterns.

Well that all for now keep checking back for more updates. :)

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