Friday, 11 November 2011

ANIM1001 Animation Origin and Function Week 5 (26/10/2011)

In Animation we continued to look through animation history, this time looking into some Canadian animators.

We covered a period from 1938 to 1988, the animations and animators we looked at were The Toucher by Lotte Reiniger 1938, Free Radicals by Len Lye 1958, Blinkity Blank by Norman McLaren 1955, Neighbours by Norman McLaren 1952, La Faim by Peter Foldes 1974 and The Cat Came Back by Cordell Barker 1988.

The week before we had been told to study the way 2 different balls bounce as we would be animating 2 balls bouncing as the practical task for this lesson. I like many others decided to do a light weight and heavy weight balls.

The above animation is the result of my work, if i remember right this took about 19 to 20 or so frames.

There are a few things I've not really happy with in this, I feel the beginning drop of the heavy ball should have been a bit more vertical to help emphasise its weight instead of coming in at roughly the same angel as the lighter ball.

I also think I should have made the heavy ball roll off frame instead of making it stop unnaturally like that.

I tried my hand at making the heavy ball seem to roll this time around by shading it in black and leaving a small dot of white for a reference point.

It didn't come out to well but it was a first attempt so its not surprising.

I'm still not happy with the way the lighter ball bounces although its not to pointy like that time it almost looks like it's skipping this time like a stone skimming on water.

Aside from that I'm fairly happy with it, I can see a definite improvement from last week.

Thats all for now :).

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