Sunday, 23 October 2011

ILTN1001 Illustration Origin and Function - Week 4 (20/10/2011)

This week in our history of illustration we covered the Gothic period by taking a visit to the Cathedral Library.

We had to go up these weird spiral stairs which to be honest are more scary going down they coming up although less exhausting.

We were give a tour of the library by the cathedral librarian, he showed us some of the old books dating between the 10th and 15th centuries.

The old books were pretty cool and as expected of a cathedral there was a lot of bibles, some so big its hard to see how they could have had much of a practical use :S.

After all that we were given a chance to look around and do some sketching, I mainly focused my time on one sketch of a view of the library that I particularly liked.

I did it in my more usual cartoonish/comic style that I am developing for my own personal work as apposed to a more life like style I just preferred it since I haven't used it in a while and I really should be using it every day at least in my own time. However I haven't inked it yet and I'm wondering if I should or not, I'm getting my new computer next week so I'll leave it until then so I can do it with better equipment at my disposal, at least better then this old thing.

Well that's all for this post, will continue to post more (going to try and make my posts on the same days as my lessons so they are more fresh in my mind.

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