Sunday, 23 October 2011

CDME1001 Communication Skills for Digital Media - Week 4 (21/10/2011)

This week we had to hand in our tasks that we were assigned. The task was to create a 2 to 3 slide presentation  of a digital media artifact.

Unfortunately I was a little confused as to what exactly we had to do and thus was unable to do it in time. I however was able to whip up at least a quick plan of one at the start of the lesson but I should REALLY make sure I understand what we need to do for each task before the end of the lesson.

Anyway here is what I did in the end for that task.

Slide 1 the intro.

Slide 2 the premis of the product and who it would be for.

Slide 3 how the product would be made.

I really should make sure I understand the task so I don't repeat this mistake again.

After that we were told about our Major Project for the module (I don't know for sure if this is THE major project for the module but due to the submission date it seems likely). The task was to do a pitch lasting about 20 minutes for one of the pre-selected products using one or more of the pre-selected mediums, this will have to me much more professional then the task done for homework and will take multiple month to prepare. For this task we will be working in groups between 3 and 4 people but we will be assessed individually. The due date is the 9/1/2012.

Finally we were given a task for the lesson in which we had to use Photoshop to edit a picture in specific ways.

Here is the result of my groups work a long with an explanation of exactly what we had to do.

Here is the original image we had to edit.

The first thing we were asked to do was to crop and straighten the image.

Then we had to lighten the image.

We then had to view the Histogram for the image.

We were then told to Colour Cast the image.

Next we used the "Dodge" tool on it.

After that we used the "Sponge" tool.

And finally we Sharpened the image up.

Over all I feel that my group worked pretty well on this task, it was only 2 of use working on this (our 3rd member was doing the task by himself on another computer) but we both took turns on it and made sure we both did our fair share :).

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