Sunday, 23 October 2011

ANIM1003 Drawing for Animators and Illustrators - Cathedral Week 2 (17/10/2011)

On Monday we returned to Worcester Cathedral to do some more drawing, here is my work and my thoughts on how I did.

We started off the same as last week by drawing at least 12 thumb nails of things we might like to draw.

Above on the left is a portion of the tiled floor and on the right is one of the large bouquets.

Here on the left is a portion of the ceiling and on the right is a crucifix that was on a table which some of the background added in.

On the left here was a passing Monk/Vicar/Reverend/Father (I don't know what they are called at this particular Cathedral) and on the right is the top of an archway.


Here on the left we have some kind of decorated podium and on the right is part of a pillar.

On the left we have one of the cushions that was in the pews and on the right is another crucifix this one was on top of an archway.

Finally here on the left we have a tomb looking statue thing and on the right here is an archway window type thing that had speakers in it.

Right onto the main sketches.

This was another one of the tomb statues I decided to draw for the first task of a 5 minute continuous line sketch.

This one (very hard to see I know) is a bouquet closer up for the task of a 10 minute sketch without looking at the paper.

This is part of the cathedral that I drew for the task of a 10 minute drawing that shows a lot of space and is drawn as fast as possible.

This is a sketch of a large candle holder about 4 - 5 foot tall as was for the task of looking at a subject matter and then drawing it from memory using a maximum of 75 lines.

Here is a closer sketch of one of the tomb looking statues, it was for the task of drawing something using a maximum of 50 lines.

Finally here is a sketch of an archway window/balcony type thing for the task of drawing something in a maximum of 25 lines.

Personally I feel that my time management sucks, I really need to start going at the right pace and getting work done in the time set.

And that's all I have for now, I haven't quite finished all the tasks so I'll be doing that some time this weekend I'll post my art and thoughts on here.

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