Sunday, 13 November 2011

Reading/Learning Week - Wind Animation (6/11/2011)

For Reading Week my animation tutor gave us the task of creating a short animation using the that displays the effects of wind on an object.

Here is the result of my work.

Overall it took about 71 frames and I think it's not bad for my first attempt at something other then balls for once.

However there are a few things I'm not to happy with, for instance the middle scene went a little to fast and I really should have better studied how leafs blow in the wind so I had a better idea of when to speed up and when to slow down.

I had to upload this one to my bliptv account because for some reason the program I normally use to turn these animations into gifs doesn't seem to be working on this one, maybe its to big since due to using a different computer it was saved as a bigger file then it should have been.

Anyway thats all for now :)

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