Sunday, 13 November 2011

CDME1001 Communication Skills in Digital Media - Week 7 (11/11/2011)

This lesson we got together in our groups and talked about our final project for the module which is to rebrand and pitch a product.

We all decided to rebrand "Hai Karate" aftershave and body spray.

We did a little research such as looking up sales adverts and comments on how the product did.

We were then told we would each have to do our own research and rebranding (so I'm not really sure how we are supposed to work in groups then but still) s we all decided on what kind of marketing campaign we would each try, I chose a paper campaign which I presume is to do with posters and billboards etc.

After our break we were given the task of creating the design for a basic website using Microsoft PowerPoint.

We were supposed to work alone but the hand out said to work in groups of 2 so I did with one of the people in my main groupe.

We decided to make a make a website for the artwork of Leonardo Da Vinci and chose 3 of we best and most famous art for our 3 linked pages we chose the "Mona Lisa", Leonardo's Self Portrait and the "Vitruvian Man".

We chose a pretty cool and classy page layout and text font.

Over all I think we did pretty well, we both pulled our own weight and managed to design a website that both looked classy and was easy for navigate as well as being able t get a little basic info for each picture on their respective pages.

Well thats all for now, thanks for reading :).

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