Sunday, 13 November 2011

ANIM1001 Animation Origin and Function - Week 7 (9/11/2011)

For animation we started off finishing and presenting our animations, although due to some technical difficulties some peoples (including mine) didn't work properly which was a shame :(.

After that we were each asked to come and see our tutor in his office so he could ask us if we were enjoying the module and if there were any ways we could improve it.

We finished off by getting together in our groups that we were assigned at the beginning of the year to discusse ideas for our final animation project.

We all threw around ideas on what we could animate, some good some bad and some rather weird, but in the end we decided on an animated loop of a conveyer belt assembling and disassembling a teddybear we then decided on who would animate what.

I'm rather happy with how our group came together and all pitched in ideas and how we decided who would animate what sections.

Thats all for now, thans for reading :).

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