Monday, 28 November 2011

ANIM1001 Animation Origin and Function - Week 9 (23/11/2011)

So in animation we went about finishing off and presenting our animatics.

My group decided to use our time in trying to get the timing of ours to a decent level at least what seemed like one.

after we presented our we got some advice on the timing and pacing, we really should have looked into it more. 

There were places that warranted more frames to help tell the story and places that warranted a change in how long they lasted.

In the end we decided to re do the whole thing in our own times, we decided this time to go with a uniform style and to judge for ourselves how many frames our individual sections would take.

After that we looked at some examples of animatics from the 2nd and 3rd years to get a better idea of the kind of pacing that we were working towards.

And thats all for now, Thanks for reading :).

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